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An example of a 10 person group tour: 2pm start, concluding at 5:00pm

2pm: Taste Champagne in the spectacular Balmoral Hotel, followed by a guided tasting of Gavi di Gavi white wine paired with Chef's Selection of cheeses.

3pm: A short walk through Princes Street Gardens to The Scottish Cafe & Restaurant. Located at The National Gallery with views over the gardens. Enjoy rose and Italian red wine, paired beautifully artisan foods - there is something for everyone.

4pm: Save room for dessert! A short walk to Twenty Princes Street where a delicious sweet treat and wine pairing await you!

Venues, menus and wine lists are subject to change and seasonal variations. Please contact us for more details.

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Brilliant Session!

The wine & cheese were great but your chat was the standout. The factual stuff on its own was brilliant but I felt the personal anecdotes lifted it up a level.

Adam - December 2020

I highly recommend! Such fun and amazing wines.

Joanne is fabulous


Better than we could possibly have hoped!

Joanne's depth of knowledge and her clarity in
communicating it are astonishing, every question we asked spurred a
fascinating and engaging delve into the wine world, and we learned so
much more than we would have anticipated. By far the stand out, however,
was Joanne's deft guidance through the process of actually engaging with
the experience of wine. This has, without hyperbole, genuinely changed
our approach to wine, opening our eyes to a hitherto unanticipated world
of experience.

Dr Ben M., September 2022

A really enjoyable way to spend the afternoon

Joanne's friendly, disarming and knowledgeable style of presentation enabled all of us to learn something new about wine and wine pairing.

Philip, October 2022

I highly recommend Joanne!!

Joanne’s knowledge is fantastic and the service she provided was extremely professional. A very enjoyable afternoon drinking and learning about wine!!

Nicola L, Edinburgh, UK - August 2020 -

We had a great experience with Joanne!

Highly reccomend for anyone who always picks up the same bottle of wine - She has encouraged me to try wines I wouldn't normally buy.

Jayne M. Edinburgh, UK - May 2020 -

A lovely wine tasting session with Joanne.

 Joanne is friendly and makes a tasting session fun and you will not feel out of your depth with her.

Emma C. Stockport, England - July 2020 -

Joanne's an absolute delight and very knowledgeable.

Joanne went through the basics of how to taste wine. We swirled, we slurped, we sniffed. After two glasses, I was already feeling like a pro!

Traci K. Malden, MA USA

Joanne was incredibly knowledgable and personable. The wines had a good variety, were quality selections.

Stephen V. Natick, MA USA

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'Taste Along' Cheese and Wine Gift Pack

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A beautiful selection of 4 wines and 3 specialty cheeses, a pack of oatcakes and jar of preserve. Taste along with the video download and learn to Swirl and Sip!

£65 a pack (suitable for 2 people, can be sent anywhere in the UK)