Hi, I'm Joanne Frette DipWSET

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My Wine Journey

I am passionate about wine and food pairing, but it wasn't always that way! 

When I was in my very late teens and early twenties, I enjoyed 'alchopop' drinks, sweet ciders and and wine was something my parents drank, quite simply, I didn't enjoy wine.

Then, in February 2004 I experienced a light bulb moment, someone took the time to introduce me to wine, talk me through the process of swirling, sipping and understanding what I could smell and taste. At that moment I fell in love with wine. I had been given access to a whole new world of winetasting, food pairing and exploration. I want to share that sense of wonder, delight and excitment with my guests when they experience a guided wine tasting. 

My enthasiasum for wine and the world it opened up pushed me into further education. While working full-time making wine deliveries all over Scotland, I studied hard and qualified with the prestigious Wine and Spirits Education Trust Level 4 Diploma.

Since graduating in 2008, my wine adventures have taken me to Boston, Massac husetts where I was a Walking Sommelier, presenting wine tastings in some of Boston's most acclaimed restaurants.

I moved back to Edinburgh and have created a Wine and Food Pairing Tour that not only showcases the beautiful city, but also is a guided introduction to the magic of wine tasting.

It has been a fabulous journey and there is always more to learn and explore! I hope my website gives you a flavour of the passion I have for wine and that you will join me wine tasting in the not too distant future.