March 2021: A Sweet Treat For Mum

I hope to receive homemade cards, a bunch of flowers and lovely hugs from my kids on Sunday 14th March, Mother’s Day. I’ll send my mum a card this year, but instead of flowers, I’m treating her to something a little different. I am arranging delivery of a box of dark chocolate truffles paired with a gorgeous bottle of red wine.

Now, my mum isn’t a red wine drinker! Her preference is for bubbles and fruity whites so at first glance my selection may seem strange. My wine choice is MARCO PORELLO Birbét. Birbét is a fizzy red wine that should be served chilled. Beautifully aromatic, this wine is full to the brim with ripe raspberry flavours, lively wild strawberry notes and the delicate sparkle or ‘mousse’ really pleases the palate. Serve in a Champagne flute and paired with a rich, dark chocolate torte or truffle, this treat is one to savour. I think my mum is really going to love this combination and legend has it, this wine is fit for a Queen! 

Apparently, both Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony presented Cleopatra with this particular style of wine as proof of their love.

Produced in Roero in the Piedmonte region of Italy, Marco Porello’s Birbét is made from the Brachetto grape. Once harvested, the Brachetto grape is pressed and the grape juice (must) undergoes partial fermentation. This Parzialmente Fermentato method produces a fresh, fruity, sweet and delicate wine with a vibrant ruby colour. A wine very different to the usual red wines we pair with savoury foods. The sweetness of the Birbét wine makes it the perfect accompaniment to a rich, dark chocolate torte or truffle. Chocolate and wine are indulgent and this combination is the perfect treat for mum on Mother’s Day.

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