May 2024: Celebrity Wine and Gary Barlow Sauvignon Blush

I recently brought a bottle of Gary Barlow Sauvignon Blush. I was in the mood for a glass of rose. The simple label, the organic wine promise and the pocket friendly price tag appealed.

I am normally sceptical of celebrity wines and tend to avoid them. The price of a
bottle can be inflated because of demand caused by the celebrity endorsement. In
2012 when Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt released Miraval Rose, 6,000 bottles sold
online in 5 hours! Simple economics means the greater the demand, the higher the

Today, there several celebrity wine products available, including Wines by Kylie
Minogue, Gordon Ramsay Wines and Graham Norton Wines. While it’s nice to think
of Gary Barlow picking grapes and Kylie pruning vines, the reality is that all these
products are all owned by the same company, Benchmark Drinks. Benchmark Drinks have very cleverly teamed with experienced wine makers and an even smarter marketing team! They have given their wine products a personality which in a sea of labels in a wine shop, is genius. Benchmark Drinks formula of matching celebrities with wine products is working. There are rose, red, white and sparkling wines available and Graham Norton has a gin!

I really enjoyed Gary Barlow’s Sauvignon Blush. It was exactly what I was looking
for: a dry rose with just the suggestion of ripe summer fruit on the palate. It was
refreshing without a bitter aftertaste and the acidity was clean and fresh without
being tart or austere. It would be delicious with lunch, perhaps paired with a Caesar

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