Memorable Pairings : March 2023

Recently my husband and I traveled to Iceland with friends. We were enticed by images of the famous Blue Lagoon, the chance to spot the Aurora Borealis and to explore a country neither of us had visited before. What I hadn’t considered were the remarkable menu offerings and wine pairings. I expected menus with smoked fish and pickled herring; I wasn’t disappointed but surprised. The menu had whale, horse, puffin, reindeer and fermented shark!

The restaurants in Iceland are beautiful, the food is incredible and the wine lists were exciting (expensive!) and diverse. One memorable pairing was Icelandic scallop with and method traditional sparkling wine from Lake Garda, Italy. The pairing was perfect, The scallop while very small was rich and deep in flavor, quite different to the scallops from Scotland.

I did try the fermented shark- it was as terrible as it sounds! Traditionally washed down with a shot of Brennivin (to aid digestion and remove the foul taste) it was a memorable experience!

I hope to return to Iceland in the not too distant future, while they do not have vineyards to explore, the restaurant scene is exciting and cosy!

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