The language of wine June 2022

Wine writers, critics and tasters love metaphors, and I am no exception! I love translating what I smell into words and describing the texture, flavours and character of the wine. A favourite white wine is Albarinio, made from the Albarinio grape variety grown in the Rias Baixas region of Spain. The wine pairs perfectly with shellfish and seafood, it is quite acidic on the palate and very refreshing. When I swirl the wine in the glass, the aromatic released reminds me of salty sea breezes, fresh and clean, the smell of the sea and the coast.

The link between my sense of smell and memory is very strong. When I smell an aromatic compound in a wine I am reminded of a place or experience. I then explore that memoryto describe what I smell. There are times however when Ismell something in nature, for example, elderflower blossomand say to myself, ‘Wow, that smells just like Sauvignon Blanc!’

This weekend I drove to Portobello, it was a foggy morning with the sun burning off the Har. I parked the car and opened the door and the smell of the sea hit me; it was the smell of Albarinio! So many times I have tasted Albarinio and said, ‘It smells like the sea’ but its really wonderful when I smell the sea and it reminds me of a wine!

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