Sample wine list paired with a menu

Here is an example of a wine list created to pair with a menu. The Edinburgh based chef is Nichola Pearce


Grapefruit Scallop Ceviche Skewers

paired with Pol Roger ‘Pure’ Non-Vintage Champagne, France

Champagne was selected to pair with this canapé due to the low sugar content and high acidity of the wine.
The persistent, tiny bubble of this Champagne is cleansing and refreshes the palate. The wine is beautiful on its own but comes to life when paired with Scallops.



Spicy Coriander Prawns in Filo Tartlets

paired with "On The Brink" Fincher & Co. Organic Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc

Nelson, New Zealand



This blend of two varieties is famously found in Bordeaux, France. The New Zealand twist on this classic blend give the wine a fresh zest, bright acidity and complex mineral notes, perfect for the Spicy Prawn Tartlets which will enhance the Sauvignon character. The Semillon lends weight and round sophistication, which will come to the fore when paired with Pork Belly served at the evening meal.



Confit Duck Leg Wrapped in Duck Breast Rolls, Cucumber, Spring Onion and Plum Sauce

paired with Alphonse Mellot 'Le Paradis' Sancerre Rose, France 2019

Rose is the perfect partner to this delicately flavoured duck canapé. While red wine may seem the obvious choice, the delicate flavours of cucumber, spring onion could be lost. Rose has a little tannin that will give the wine weight and grip but also a bright fresh acidity to balance the fatty nature of duck breast.




Great Glen Green Pepper Venison Salami and Chanterelle Skewer

paired with Chateau de Sales Pomerol, Bordeaux, France 2011

Something special for the red, a Pomerol with some age! Lots of character to discover in this glass as flavours continue to evolve. This is the perfect partner to the canapé Venison skewer. The wine will be decanted and allowed to ‘breath’ in preparation for the Venison Loin main course served at dinner.