A Taste of the Mediterranean

I am dreaming of the Mediterranean. I can’t be there so have recreated the flavours at home through food and wine! Rose and red wine compliment my couscous and barbeque lamb beautifully. Here are my recommendations, available from Majestic.

The colourless, curvaceous bottle of Jas des Vignes Rose 2020 from Provence shows the signature pale salmon blush that is indicative of Provencal Rose. The nose; light and delicate with a slightly floral aromatic and citrus zest, holds hidden spice and grip that is revealed when you swirl and slurp the wine, making this the perfect wine to serve.

Red wine is required for mymarinated lamb barbequed over charcoal. I’m looking for a wine with rich, plump late summer fruits; black cherry, blackcurrant and ripe damson and sophisticated secondary flavours of cedar and tobacco. These aromatics should be supported by soft tannins so well integrated and ingrained in the wine you have to search for them. Nero Oro Riserva 2017 from Sicily is the perfect wine for my culinary trip to the Mediterranean. Exactly the wine required for the lamb. A blend of juice from Nero d’Avola and Syrah grapes grown on the unique soils of the volcanic island of Sicily and aged for 18 months in French oak barrels. The wine is incredibly smooth but powerful. Nero Oro Riserva is an example of the potential of Sicilian wine and showcases what grape variety Nero d’Avola and winemakers on Sicily can do.

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