What to Drink This Weekend - 16/06/17 - Amontillado, Sherry

Tio Diego Macharnudo Vineyard Amontillado Jerez-Xeres-Sherry
Palomino Fino

There’s no snow on the ground. We aren’t wearing ugly Holiday sweaters and I don’t hear Holiday music. So why am I suggesting you open a bottle of Sherry this weekend? Sherry is a drink brought out the liquor cabinet over the Holidays, dusted down and given to elderly grandmothers. It is used to cook with. It comes in strange dark colored bottles located in a dark and dusty corner of the liquor store. The ornate text spells out unfamiliar words and the badges are seals on the bottle look anything but hip and trendy. I urge you to give it a try!

Found on shelves in the ‘Fortified’ section of the liquor store and costing around $20-$30, you will find a selection of Spanish wine called ‘Sherry’. From Jerez in Spain, Sherry is an unusual but fascinating wine made from the white grape Palomino. Within the Sherry family are a wide spectrum of styles. At one end you find the delicate and driest of styles, Fino and at the other you will taste Pedro Ximenez which is deepest brown in colour and rich with dried dark fruits. This weekend I suggest drinking Amontillado. It is towards the dry end of the Sherry spectrum and pale brown in color. The nose is full of roasted nuts with a glaze of burnt caramel. On the palate it almost dissolves into dry, nutty richness with a rolling salty tang on the finish. Its delicious. Chill it right down and enjoy outdoors with tapas style dishes or snacks. Go on, be brave!


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