What to Drink This Weekend - 18/10/16 - Desiertot25 Cabernet Franc, Argentina

Brilliant reds, glowing gold's and fiery orange leaves make New England picture postcard perfect. The leaves are starting to fall and this weekend will see many us outside, rake and leaf bag in hand as we tidy and sweep the leaves from the ground. Leaves to rake, logs to split and yards to winterize.  All this manual labor deserves a reward, so before donning gloves and hat, pick up a bottle of Desiertot25 Cabernet Franc 2014, Bodega Del Desierto, Patagonia, Argentina $15.99 open, decant and let the wine breath while you put in the hours outside. Your hard work and patience will be rewarded!
Upon opening, the first exploratory nosing shows a tight wine, not yet willing to reveal its secrets. If allowed several hours to breath, the wine will relax and open.  Swirl and lift the glass to your nose, breath in spice, liquorice and vanilla. The wood spices are wrapped in rich dark forest fruits, blackcurrant touched with dark chocolate and a little violet perfume. On the palate, blackcurrant gives way to surprisingly hot black pepper. Tannins are present and cradle the wine with a gentle grip and structure which is supported by acidity and warming presence of alcohol. Black pepper, blackcurrant and wood spices roll through the finish leaving a satisfying flavour and mouth feel.
Desierto25 Cabernet Franc 2014 is a gentle giant but a wonderful reward for your hours hard work in the yard. Enjoy with a selection of hard and soft cheeses.

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