What to Drink This Weekend - 07/04/17 - Niades by Cascina Garitina

The sap is rising! Across New England sugar shacks are boiling delicate flavored sugar water  to make Maple Syrup.

This weekend, why not visit a local sugar shack, take home some syrup and host a pancake brunch!  Hot pancakes and maple syrup, a brunch menu classic! But how do you wine match maple syrup? This wine pairing is a sticky one! Too dry a wine and the wine will taste bitter. Too sweet and your palate will be overwhelmed. The perfect balance can be achieved though....

Niades by Cascina Garitina is a gorgeous Brachetto d'Acqui wine made from 100% Brachetto, an aromatic red grape variety. The vineyard is located in Alessandria, Piedmont in North-West Italy.  Beautiful to look at and a pleasure to drink, Niades is brilliant garnet red and purple color with a gentle effervescence.  Brachetto d'Acqui wine has a characteristic sweetness, low alcohol, delicate bubble and color. While the wine is sweet it is the bubble and acidity which makes this the perfect brunch partner. The acidity cleanses the palate and provides structure to hang the lively berry fruits on. The acidity guides the wine and stops it being too frivolous. It reminds me of a father dancing with his young daughter- she twirls and giggles while he guides and supports.

This wine is very user friendly. The berry fruit nose is bright and lively, perfect with pancakes!

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